300Mbps Wireless N Access Point


The netis 300Mbps Wireless N High Power Ceiling-Mounted Access Point WF2222 provides long range, high performance wireless Internet access over large areas.It provides you multiple wireless modes including AP, Repeater, WDS, Client and Multi-SSID, for flexible wireless network setup and deployment, Also, with the 802.3af & Passive PoE design, you may easily establish a solution where electrical socket is unavailable or hard to reach.


  • Incredible wireless high speed up to 300Mbps
  • High transmission power to boost wireless signal for further distance
  • Multiple wireless modes- AP, Repeater, WDS, Client,Multi-SSID(VLAN)
  • Multi-SSID providing up to 3 separate networks for guests and friends 
  • Wireless schedule function helping you to control your wireless online time reasonably
  • System indicator monitor helping you to locate the device easily
  • 802.3af & Passive PoE design for flexible deployment
  • Quick setup, with built-in web management page