Pacth Cord flex angle boots F-PC-F-XXXXX-3-DX


FOCOMM flex angle boots for LC/SC fiber optic connectors are available on any single-mode or multimode patch cord. They are designed so the installer can pre-bend the boot into any direction or angle. This position is maintained for optimal network performance but, can be reshaped at any time or straightened for connector disconnect. This enables perfect installation of the connector in unique applications such as, tight constraint areas or high density environments. These fiber optic patch cords with LC flex boots are ideal for cable management situations where additional fiber bend protection is desired.


  • LC /SC UPC Connector
  • 0 – 90 Degree Bend
  • PVC Jacket Options
  • Ideal for High Density Networks
  • Compatible with NTT-FC, NTT-SC standard & ST. connector.
  • PC ferrule with 20mm radius fast polishing.
  • 8 degree angle PC ferrule with ultra low insertion loss.
  • Low back reflection loss. Easy to handle Environmentally stable.
  • Typical Insertion Loss Single-mode: 0.15dB, Multi-mode: 0.3dB.
  • Typical Return Loss (*), Single-mode: 50dB, Multi-mode: 20dB
  • Operating Temperature:-40~+75c
  • Storage Temperature: -55~+85c Telecommunications.
  • Local area network.
  • Fiber optic sensors.
  • Testing instruments.
  • CATV