Rack Mount Drawer F-RM-XX

                                 6-48 FIBER




                                 6-72 FIBER



  • W x D x H (cm) 43 x 26.1 x 4.45


  • Material : Electro Galvanize Steel
  • Thickness :  1.2mm


The Wall and Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures are designed to provide optimal protection for your fiber optic applications. The enclosures special designed for protect animal. Another unique feature is the adjustable fiber routing channels. Each fiber channel can be individually adjust to provide ample fiber storage which helps maintain minimum bend radius requirements. Integrated anchoring points provide an excellent form of cable management and cable routing.


  • Can be mounted to any standard 19" or 23" EIA rack or cabinet;
  • A joint for connecting fiber optic cables have a minimum of 24 pcs per connecter;
  • Can be use with multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic adaptor in the same panel.
  • For vertical or primary cabling, in primary distribution rooms or cabinets, for the administration and management of optical backbones;
  • For horizontal or secondary cabling, in telecommunications rooms (interconnect or cross-connect), for services distribution in horizontal systems;
  • Idea for back bones or horizontal optical systems with low density fiber:
  • There is space for both front and rear. And a cap made of steel or acrylic lock by nuts for stronger part.
  • Easy to use to open or close the door.
  • It can be installed in remote network locations, in environments that require electromagnetic immunity or even for multi-user service for high performance stations.
  • Extended tray/drawer for added slacking of fiber patch cord in the rear of the enclosure;
  • Sliding tray with bearing rails;
  • The inside of the fiber optic tray mounting holes with screws for installing splice tray 12-24 core;
  • 2 Entrance hole for fiber optic wire, Easy-to-use
  • Retractable front cover provide access to connectors and facilitates management of optical cords;
  • The optic patch cord areas and storage of excess fibers remain internal to the product providing greater protection and system security;
  • Front cable management provide bend radius control and cable management for optical cords;
  • Product protect and corrosion resistant, for the specified conditions of use in internal environments (EIA-569)