Splice tray F-Tray-12



Splice tray is used in optical distribution frame, distribution box, and splice
closures, which is engineered for use with indoor or outdoor splice hardware with both
loose tube and tight-buffered optical cable designs.
The compact splice cassettes designed for simple, cost effective low and
mid-sized fiber splicing applications. Each cassette is supplied with splice holders
that secure and protect both fusion and mechanical splices; also the top cover is


- ABS material used ensures the body strong and light

- The fusing distribution board of the unit box is double layer structure, integrating the fusing and distribution into one unity.

- 12-fiber splice trays

- Protect and manage heat shrink style spliced fibers

- Heat shrink splice holder and sleeves included

- Clear cover allows viewing or inspection of fibers without having to remove cover

- Use for single-mode or multi-mode fiber

- Durable injection-molded plastic trays and covers

- Longer bending radius for fiber, Easy operation of fiber/pigtails

- Easily disposed for particular needs

- Suitable for ribbon or non-ribbon optical fiber cable