Wall Mount F-WM-24


  • Material : Electro Galvanize Steel
  • Thickness : 1.2mm


The Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures are designed to provide optimal protection for your fi¬ber optic applications. The enclosures special designed for protect animal. nother unique feature is the adjustable fiber routing channels. Each fi¬ber channel can be individually adjusted to provide sample ¬fiber storage which helps maintain minimum bend radius requirements. Integrated anchoring points provide an excellent form of cable management and cable routing.


  • 1-24 port with ST, SC, FC, LC Adapter Connectors
  • 4 holes 1*diameter for insert ¬fiber optic cable
  • 2 holes 1*diameter for insert fi¬ber optic patch cable
  • Fiber wire management with inside
  • Front has pop-up key locked
  • Two doors can open
  • Rodent for protect animals
  • Black color body