Industrial 2-port optical bypass switch for fiber optical network with 4xLC duplex Connector



IBS-102FX series are the external Bypass switches for 100M/1G/10G fiber optical networks. These fiber optical bypass switches protect the network from failures and subsequent maintenance by ensuring network integrity during power loss. Each of these fiber optical bypass switches includes Network ports and Monitor ports. The Network ports are used for connection to main-network connections and provide protection mechanism, and the Monitor ports are used for down-link local networking device. When the power is on, the operation mode of the Bypass switch is set to Normal, and the local networking device is connected with main-network. When power failure occurs, the Bypass switch is swiftly set to bypass mode to isolate the main-network from the local networking device.


  • Support 100M/1G/10G optical bypass function of 2 port duplex or 4 ͑port simplex fiber connection
  • Different models supported for multi-mode or single-mode optical ͑fiber
  • Low insertions loss ͑
  • Throughput not affected and no extra delay
  • Bypass switching time < 10ms
  • Dual wide-range power inputs: 12~48VD
  • Relay output for power failure warning
  • Rigid IP-30 housing design
  • DIN-Rail/Wall-mount installation