• Reliable output characteristics. Sleeves or parts subordinate to a socket are made with phosphor bronze, the material famous for its
  elasticity, wear resistance, diamagnetism and corrosion resistance. The product is a result of precision work and integral impact and
  forming, which ensures a reliable contact and a single-pole pull-and-plug life at 5000 times above, a safe and reliable operation, no
  loosening, no strike, and reliable electric conductivity and connectivity.
• Optional specification. The series products can be produced according to customers special requirement, the longest dimension can
  reach to 4600rrm, and largest load can reach to double 32A.
• Prompt overload protection response. The overload protector can be chosen from automatic switch protection, air circuit breaker and
  fuse celerity protection, which are safe & reliable, and easily replaced. There are multiple overload protecting style, for example, whole
  system, single socket or appointed socket.
• Sophisticated surging protection. The product is equipped with a standard power surging protector, replaceable surge protection module
  and channel surging protector. Such modules can be combined to form a power surging system to meet different requirements in
  lightning protection.
• Quality thermal endurance and fire resistance. All functional modules are adopted PCIABS plastic materials, hot change temperature reach
  to above 120'C, fire-retardant characteristic accord switch UL94-V0 standard.