- A cabinet for outdoor installation Wall mounting.Surveillance equipment
  (CCTV) installed equipment stay. And fiber optic dustribution, Industrial
  MediaConvertor. Industrial Ethernet Switches and has
- Made by Electro galvanize steel thickness 1.2 mm. it does not rust and is
  lightweight Including green-yellow ground wire size 2.5mm.
- The color of the cabinet for a special kind of external.Dark gray Through a
  color system with the painting process. Electro-static Powder Coating
- Have roof for rain protection.
- Front-door key lock Push Handle Lock Flush caps cabinet to increase
  security even more.
- Both sides Drilling ventilation fins And to protect the water in the aquarium.
- 2 mm. thick steel rear support for the cabinet to seize power pole.
- Roof rack can be mounted blower 4 “has two built-in cabinets can be cooled
  well.And help extend the useful life of the equipment inside the cabinet.
- Have sticker area upon request.
- Cover container and container roof with a rubber shield around the cabinet to
  prevent waterfrom entering inside.
- Inside pad (Plate) for lead 1.2 mm. Aladdin could removable for mounting to be
  installed insidethe cabinet and build Din Rail mounting, Industrial Media Converter
  and Industrial Ethernet Swiches.
- Can be ground wire, Splice tray, Cable Wire Guide and Breaker in cabinet.
- 2 Hole in Back Door
- 2 air ventilation with dust cover
- IP 66.
- Fan x 1



        Material : Electro Galvanize Steel
        Thickness : 1.2 mm
        Material : Electro Galvanize Steel
        Thickness : 2 mm 


H x W x D ( cm ) 40.0 x 40.0 x 23.0 cm