NVR3308 Linux RAID Megapixel NVR
Full HD. 64 Channels. 8 HDDs. Linux. RAID. Dual Displays. Video Analytics


The NVR3308 Linux RAID NVR is part of Surveon Professional NVR3000 Series. Featuring 8-bay hard disks and RAID 1, 5, 6 data protection, the NVR3308 supports Full HD (1080P) video recording of up to 64 channels for the video retention period from 7 to 30 days.  The NVR3308 also comes with the enterprise VMS with real-time monitoring and video analytics and supports centralized management and TV wall matrix with the Surveon Control Center (SCC). Along with its all-in-one sleek design and low power consumption, the NVR3308 provides users a simple, affordable yet professional solution for megapixel surveillance in the mainstream markets such as SMBs, retail, hospitality, and intelligent buildings.

  • Support 16-64 CH Megapixel Recording (up to 5MP or above)
  • Support 8-bay SATA Hard Disk
  • Support RAID 1, 5, 6 for Data Protection
  • Built-in Real-Time Video Intelligence Detection
  • Built-in Dual Display
  • Support Surveon Control Center (SCC)
  • In-House Design & Production
  • 2-Year Warranty