Highway Traffic Monitoring

Nowadays, the complex traffic systems play an important role in the modern society. It is a challenge for traffic system planner to establish an intelligent system for traffic management to prevent traffic congestion. More and more traffic system planners realize that IP-based devices can provide the most appropriate solution for traffic surveillance and management. In recent years, ORing helped system integrators to establish their intelligent traffic systems by adopting ORing switches.

Cooperated with many system integrators all over the world and deplay over 2000 units of industrial managed Ethernet switches, IES-3082GP for monitoring and remote control in the traffic system. At busy intersections, the network requires high bandwidth communication over a long distance while withstanding heavy duty usage and harsh conditions. With the fast propriety redundant ring technology, ORing, IES-3082GP enables <10ms recovery time, thus assure the reliability of the whole network.