IP-Based City Surveillance

Bring New Generation IP-based City Surveillance Network to a port city in the Middle East

A well-implemented IP surveillance system keeps the city safe and sound with best information quality and cost-effectiveness. But IP-based city surveillance can be a major challenge in a Middle East port city, a place that is subject to wide variations in both temperature and humidity (desert climate with occasional severe rainfall). Additionally, cost-effective P.S.E. capability is a must for widespread and flexible deployment of IP cameras. Moreover, extensive network security must be enforced to protect very critical information from being sabotaged by hackers.

With all the tough industrial networking requirements mentioned above, ORing Ethernet switches are chosen to implement the rugged industrial-grade surveillance networks much needed for the city. Each IPS-3082GC serves and powers up to 8 PoE (P.D.) IP cameras. Then different IPS-3082GC's are connected with optical links for long distance connections, with the Thunder Rack RGS-7168GCP serving the IPS-3082GC’s. The networks are well-protected by ORing’s advanced redundancy technologies of O-Chain and O-Ring, which, upon any node failure, provide swift network recovery (< 10 ms for conventional networks). For bandwidth boost to handle surges of surveillance network traffic, there is Port Trunking

Coupled with powerful and visualized network management utility of Open-Vision v3.0, ORing products bring the toughest anti-hacker network protections available in the industry: DoS/DDoS auto prevention, IP Police, RADIUS authentication, SNMPv3 encrypted authentication and access security, and many more. The future version of Open-Vision will furthermore support Device Binding, which will supersede IP Police and provide even tougher anti-hacker active network protection, making sure that no hackers can sabotage or steal any critical surveillance information.

Project Overview

  • PoE (P.D.) IP Cameras, Captures first-hand video surveillance information on the streets. Such information need to be delivered to the control center in a timely and secure manner.
  • Cost-Effective Managed PoE (P.S.E.) Ethernet switch with onboard Fiber Optic Connection ORing IPS-3082GC Industrial 10-port managed PoE Ethernet switch with 8x10/100Base-T(X) P.S.E. and 2xGigabit combo ports, SFP socket.
  • High Performance Managed Ethernet Switch with plenty of Fiber Optic Connections RGS-7168GCP (a flagship Thunder-Rack model) Industrial 24-port rack-mount managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with 16xGigabit combo ports and 8x100/1000Base-X, SFP socket.

Application Requirements

  • Cost-Effective PoE (P.S.E.) networking for PoE (P.D.) IP cameras
  • Rigid Housing Design
  • Withstands wide temperature and humidity variations
  • Maximized network continuity
  • Advanced anti-hacker network protections