Railway ITCS Event Log System

Qingzang Railway, also known as the Qinghai–Tibet Railway, is the first railway in China to use the GE ITCS (Incremental Train Control System) for enhanced train control. Train stations with ITCS installed do not need signaling device or rail track circuitry. Instead, only the railroad switch devices are implemented. ITCS combines automatic block, train station interlock control, and train speeding control in one package, controlling the train when it stops at or passes through the station or when it is performing other related activities. The wireless network system implemented is for the automatic backup of ITCS System Event Log when the train enters the station. Qingzang Railway has 78 locomotives in total. Each locomotive is equipped with one ORing TAR-120, while the train station control center is also equipped with one ORing TAR-120 – for a total of 79 TAR-120s used. On each locomotive, the TAR-120 is connected to the DVR that records the ITCS System Event Log. When the train enters the station, the TAR-120 on the locomotive communicates with the TAR-120 in the train station control center, and the ITCS System Event Log would be successfully uploaded to the train station control center.

Project Overview

  • ORing TAR-120 – wirelessly uploads ITCS System Event Log stored in the DVR from the train to the station’s control center (when the train enters the station).
  • GE ITCS (Incremental Train Control System) – replaces old signaling device and rail track circuitry for more advanced and reliable train control
  • DVR – continuously records the ITCS System Event Log
  • Control Center – for centralized management of train traffic and activities
  • Database Server – stores ITCS System Event Log of all trains stopping at the station

Application Requirements

  • Highly secure wireless transmission
  • PoE P.D. capability for the wireless access points
  • Endurance under tough environments