Wireless Driver Examination System

A prestigious driving school in Beijing, China needs a real-time wireless surveillance system right on the vehicle – to guarantee that the exam evaluators in the control room can monitor real-time student driving status in real time even with high-speed driving scenarios. The driving school has 5 cars for the driver’s license examination. The system uses five IAP-120 wireless access points and an IAP-6701N-WG IP-67 wireless access point. A video camera is mounted in the driver’s cabin. The video camera is connected to a Hikvision DVR, which is further connected to IAP-120 for wireless communication with the control center. A unit of IAP-6701N-WG is connected to the control center to gather real-time driving surveillance data from the exam vehicles.

Project Overview

  • ORing IAP-120 – industrial-grade wireless access point for wirelessly transmitting video streams of student driving to the control center
  • ORing IAP-6701N-WG – IP-67 industrial-grade wireless access point
  • IP video camera – for capturing real-time video stream of the student driver’s performance
  • Hikvision DVR – records video stream from the video camera and relays to IAP-120 for wireless transmission

Application Requirements

  • Outdoor installation of the control room wireless access point (i.e. weatherproof design)
  • Highly secure wireless transmission
  • PoE P.D. capability for the wireless access points
  • Endurance under tough environments