Industrial High Speed RS-232 Over CAT-5 Extender up to 1.2KM with Surge Protection & EOT -30°C ~ 75°C


The SED-1010S Industrial High Speed RS-232 over CAT-5 Extender with Surge Protection lets users transfer data to a device up to 1.2KM at transfer rates of up to 115.2Kbps. For distances of 100M or closer, the SED-1010S supports high speeds of up to 921.6Kbps. The SED-1010S can also be used without a power adapter. An optional power supply is available for those applications that need more power than the host can provide. Featuring an extended operating temperature of -30°C ~ 75°C, the SED will work in numerous operating environments. The SED-1010S’ many useful features make it a very valuable device for industrial applications.


  • Full-Duplex Data Communication
  • Pure Hardware Solution (Real-Time Data Transfer)
  • Transfer Data Between Equipment
  • One CAT-5 Cable Extension
  • Compatible with All RS-232 Protocols
  • No Software Configuration